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Janitorial, Office Cleaning, Maid Service House Cleaning, Housekeeping, General Cleaning Services, New Construction Cleanup!
We also clean foreclosures; Bank foreclosures and bank owned properties (BOP)
trash removal and bank owned properties cleaning services.
2-girls and A Broom Cleaning and Maid Services provides professional office, Home and janitorial cleaning services in the Desoto, Manatee, Port Charlotte and Siesta Key, Sarasota areas!
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At 2-Girls & A Broom, we take a different approach to cleaning your Home or Office!
Or we also provide cleaning services with standard cleaning products
its totally up to you, our valued customer!

Cleaning and Maid Services we offer:

Residential and Commercial janitorial accounts:
Clean, sanitize and deodorize kitchens and bathrooms
Dust all surfaces and computer screens
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Green professional office janitorial, Home and janitorial cleaning services in the Sarasota, Bradenton and Manatee, Florida FL area. 2-Girls And A Broom Charges a low price Per Hour FOR 2 GIRLS! Get 2 Maids for all your cleaning needs for the price of 1! What could be better?

In these hard economic times its hard to find a quality maid janitorial service for under 80-90$ per Hour for only 1 maid. Allot of websites don’t even list their prices on their websites due to the high HIDDEN Maid Service costs.
2-Girls And A Broom Maid Services Offers 2 girls for a fraction of the price of our competitors!
Saving you allot of money On your Cleaning Costs!
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Green CleaningWe offer Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit’s to be Clean and Green!

Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes and offices, on dishes, countertops, furniture, clothes, floors, windows, and floating through the air.
In our war on dirt and germs we may often actually be making things worse. Most of the conventional cleaning products we all grew up with are petroleum-based and have dubious health and environmental implications. Instead of opting for cleaning products that annihilate everything in their path.
2-Girls and a Broom uses only natural products and methods that keep your home or office house clean and fresh-smelling without the toxic side effects of petroleum based cleaners giving you a healthier living environment.

List of everything we clean…

Clean interior/exterior front door
vacuum all carpets
vacuum and mop tile/wood floors
dust & polish furniture
remove cobwebs
dust window sills & ledges
dust light fixtures
lightly dust blinds
vacuum & clean hard surface stairs
Clean countertops
Clean outside refrigerator
Clean outside dishwasher
Wipe off coffee maker & toaster
Clean sinks & faucets
Clean microwave
Wipe off outside of cabinets
Empty trash
Wipe off table & chairs
Sweep & mop tile/wood floors
Replace paper towels
Clean interior/exterior toilet
Clean counter & sink
Clean and polish mirrors
Sweep & mop disinfect floors
Refill hand soap & paper towels
Restock toilet paper

Kitchen & Eating Areas:
Sinks cleaned
chrome shined
counter tops cleaned
Top front and outside of stove range cleaned
Fronts of appliances cleaned and shined drip pan cleaned
outside of microwave cleaned
general dusting cobwebs removed
floors vacuumed and mopped

Flat areas dusted with a damp cloth Stairs vacuumed
empty closet floors vacuumed
already accessible floors vacuumed
wood floors vacuumed dusted and mopped
cobwebs removed
picture frames dusted
mini blinds fans lampshades intricate items dusted
window sills and ledges dusted
heavy knick knack areas dusted

Tile walls, bathtubs & showers washed and shined
shower doors cleaned and disinfected
vanity & sinks cleaned and disinfected
mirrors & chrome fixtures cleaned and polished
floors washed & disinfected
carpets vacuumed
toilets cleaned & disinfected
mildew and cobwebs removed
general dusting
Note:< We cover basic cleaning./strong>
Laundry is not included. Our charge for laundry is $20.00 per load.
Other prices are as follows: $10.00 for washing and $10.00 for drying and folding

New Construction Cleaning Services:

Note: that Construction cleaning prices are different from residential/commercial cleaning..
General Square Foot= 25 cents – Final Square foot = 35 cents.

New Construction Cleaning Services includes:
Washing all surfaces High dust removal and place it in the designated areas
Clean all tubs, toilets, lavatories, kitchen sinks & appliances
Remove all temporary protection & labels not required to remain
Clean out all kitchen cabinets & vanity cabinets, counter tops & vanity tops
Clean all windows & sliding glass doors, frames, sills and tracks
Clean utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garage etc…
Sweep and mop floors vacuum all carpets pressure washing available upon request.


Do I have to be home when you clean my house?
1. It’s your choice. We encourage you to be there to meet your house keeper for the first visit-at least long enough to show them your home and all rooms.
2. You should point out where all the equipment & supplies are kept. ( we have a limited amount of supplies so if there is something special that you would like us to use leave it out for your housekeeper.
3. It helps greatly for you to make a list of your priorities ( these may vary from visit to visit) This list can the be used by a substitute in the event your regular cleaner is ill. The house keeper will do just about anything they can to help you and make your life easier.
How many cleaners will clean my home?

1. We work in teams of 2 people to 4 people depending on the size of the homes & hours in our schedule.
2. A team leader (supervisor) works with the team, and checks the quality of each cleaning.

Are the maids or teams trained & supervised?
1. All of our maids, housekeepers, and team members are trained before they’re permitted to clean your home 2. Each team has a supervisor who is in charge of making sure nothing is missed and that any special requests we receive from our customers is taken care of.

Siesta Key Condo Maid Cleaning Services: Kitchen:
Table and chairs, Clean sinks counter tops back splashes appliances coffee maker front of cabinets dirty dishes refrigerator tops and fronts inside of fridge Refill paper towels (if needed)
Clean blender & inside container Inside of oven (if needed) We also ask that if you have a self cleaning oven please set it the night before we come.
Toaster & tray Microwave inside & out Stove tops, fronts, & underneath hood Take out trash & add a new bag.

Living Room Maid Services:
Dust: Picture frames ceiling fans Lamps furniture Shelves & baseboards Wash: Electrical face plates Dust: Entertainment Center Blinds & window ledges

Sofa cushions Vacuum & wash all tile and wood floors Vacuum all carpets Bathroom: Clean & sanitize all sinks Counter tops & back splashes Toilet inside, base & fronts Showers & bathtubs Cabinets inside & out Clean Mirrors polish chrome Replace Linens & bar soap Refill tissues Wash floors and tile walls
Take out the trash put new bag in Deodorize Dining Room
Clean table, chairs, placemats clean bar & stools
Dust blinds & window ledges Vacuum tile & wood floors Vacuum Carpets.

Check mattress pads and pillow protectors
wash pillow cases & sheets make beds w/ clean sheets & cases dust blinds & ledges vacuum floors & under bed wash tile/wood floors dust headboard
clean and neatly fold blankets clean dresser & night stands

Front entry ways:
Clean floors & corners Shake out all throw rugs & mats

Laundry Room Check List:
Check all light fixtures and bulbs check TV. remotes dust all doors dust all fans clean stairs (vacuum & wash steps) check A/C on proper setting 78* Make sure all doors & windows are locked Check garage/ Lock doors Check exterior trash cans

Patio Cleaning:
Clean sliding glass door tracks clean patio furniture sweep floors

2 Girls and a Broom aims to transform your home into the nontoxic haven your family deserves.
We offer a budget-friendly low cost package deal on services far gentler on the environment and your pocket!
Not to mention being better for your health.

Does your current cleaning company:
Group clients geographically to reduce driving time and fuel use?
Use reusable bottles, buckets and bags?
Reduce paper waste by communicating via telephone and e-mail and storing records electronically?
Purchase supplies in concentrated form, and from sources with environmentally friendly supply chain and distribution systems?
Use washable, reusable micro-fiber rags that capture dirt, dust and allergens better than disposable paper towels?
Train employees to use the correct amount and type of cleaning product for each part of the home?
Protect indoor air quality through the use of CRI Green Label Certified Vacuums?
And of course, use safe, effective and responsible cleaning products?

Persistent exposure to the toxic chemicals many common household products contain can wreak havoc with your central nervous system, leading to brain fog, breathing difficulties, and even sudden mood changes. And, because their bodies are still developing, babies and children are particularly vulnerable to low levels of neurotoxins, which have been linked to everything from developmental abnormalities to cancer.
Read More about our “green cleaning services”…..

Green Cleaning Services Siesta Key, Desoto, Manatee, Port Charlotte and Sarasota Cleaning Maid Services
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